My Little Black Book is a portal to a world of possibilities.
Only a select few are chosen to access the secrets within.

Fate brought you here,
ask now!

What Is My Little Black Book?

A resource for the elite

My Little Black Book is a resource built up over many decades. 
It includes worldwide contacts that can provide anything that is asked for.

Whatever you are searching for, however impossible it might seem,
wherever in the world you are, however remote,
My Little Black Book has it!

Exclusive Services

My Little Black Book

For a select group of clients My Little Black Book will provide and source anything and everything across the globe.

From luxury residences in exclusive neighbourhoods to alternative therapists to original artworks, and from super yachts to interior designers to exclusive/unique experiences.

Whatever you need, a service, an item, a person, a team, an experience, a holiday, a business, something unique
..............the list goes on.

My Little Black Book 
is the worldwide and definitive resource of contacts.

Built over decades.

A priceless portal of infinite possibilities.

Intuitive Transformation Coach 
& Creative Consultant

Hazel, the resource known as My Little Black Book, also has another passion and skill she was born with which she offers to a small group of clients.

All who know and love Hazel (everyone she meets!) has come to call this skill:

Creativation is a mix of creativity, intuition, motivation, and innovation. With lots of support and practical knowledge included!

Hazel can solve any problem or issue.
Whether personal, business, relationship, work, family, home or anything else.

Hazel has the uncanny ability to see the heart of any problem, things her clients haven't even realised or thought about, and then coming up with a multitude of solutions.

Hazel has helped many clients to find a way forward,
will YOU be next?

To TRANSFORM your life, business and future get in touch now!


How can I access My Little Black Book?

Clients join us in two ways: by referral or by application. As we are retained by our clients and give an unrivalled service worldwide we can only service a small group. We are currently accepting applications although we cannot guarantee our availability.

How do I apply to be a My Little Black Book client? 

Email us at and we will send an application pack.

How much will it cost to retain My Little Black Book?

We charge a monthly retainer fee to our clients but this fee is worked out on an individual basis. 
A quote for our service will be supplied once you have applied.

How do I book a consultation with Hazel?

Please email us at and we will send an information pack.

How much does a Creative Consultation cost?

The fees for Creativation are individually assessed and quoted when you make an enquiry. There are many factors that can affect the amount charged such as, how urgent the situation is, how much Hazel currently has, whether it is a one-off consultation or a longer term arrangement, the type of help/coaching/creativation needed and much more.

My Little Black Book and Creativation are totally bespoke solutions based on your requirements therefore our fees are totally individual and tailored to you and your circumstances.

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